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Hello, I have a problem with a tenant maybe someone can help me out. I'm out in California and manage my parents' property; our tenant moved out and left 9 yrs of clutter (bulky items) outside by the dumpster (4x6) but left the apartment clean, to my knowledge she is responsible of all trash (including furniture and any other bulky items) removal pertaining to her but know she claims its the landlords responsibility to remove the trash left behind on the dumpster. The trash company comes out once a week to pick up the trash but no heavy items and will only pick up five bulky for free 3 times a year, our only option is to rent 2 to 3 dumpster to remove all items at once. I still have her deposit and was thinking of using it towards the removal of the trash. I tried looking on-line and on a state book manual about the laws but I cant find anything that specifically states the removal of trash or things left behind outside the actual apartment. I can use all the help I cant get. Thanks in advance..

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I am in NJ not CA but can't you put some of the items by the curb and some
garbage picker type person will drive by and pick them up ?

In NJ what ever you put at the curb, broken TV, bent ironing board, old windows, junk, within days someone will pick them up.  About the only thing they never take is pieces of wood or actual bags of garbage.

On garbage days you see all the guys and their pickups driving around full
of junk.
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