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I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this!

My father and I rent a house in northern California to college kids.  My dad thinks that one or more of the women living there have moved their boyfriends in behind our backs.*  This would not have been difficult for them to do since my dad lives about 700 miles south of the property and I live quite a ways to the north in southern Oregon.

I will be visiting the area this weekend to deal with business related to the property but unrelated to this suspicion.  My question is: how can I tell if my dad's suspicions are true?  And tips?  Things to look for that maybe they won't think to hide from me?  Thanks in advance.

*Just for the record: I think he's crazy, haha.

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If you are there- ask one of the boyfriends.  they usually will say so.. Just say- so how long have you been here?


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Give a notice to inspect the property for maintenance issues while you are there.  On the notice, list "check for leaks, pest infestation, check smoke detectors, furnace filters, deferred maintenance issues, etc."  While there check in all closets for roof leaks & pests, check in the bathroom for plumbing leaks, etc. Tell the tenants that you want to be sure they don't have any probems in the near future because you missed some repair that needed done.  You'll soon be able to tell if the guys have moved in all their things or just enough to stay the night.
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