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My tenant has not paid his two months rent. He now appears to have left my property, there is no water or electric for the last few weeks. His lease expires next month. He appears to have moved out. All his belongings have gone too.



  1. Can I enter my property to fix it and market it for rent? There is still one month left on the lease.
  2. Also, we have a provision in our lease agreement to prepare the property for rent in the last month of the lease.
  3. I have placed the eviction, it will take another 3-4 weeks for the process to complete.
  4. I was told I need to go the civil court to place a lien against his SSN. He owes us around 5k. Any other way to ensure this amount shows up on his credit check. 

Thanks for your suggestions,



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You did not provide any info on your profile so I don't know what state you are in.  Some states have abandonment sections in their state law.  If you post your state, I can tell you if your state has one and where you can find it.  If you do have an abandonment section, chances are he will meet it.  No rent for 2 months, no belongings, utilities off, unable to contact him - these are all signs of abandonment.

I assume he never left the key to the unit.  Have you left a 24 hour notice and gone in and inspected the place?  When you go to court, they will give you possession of the unit.  But you may have been able to avoid this through abandonment.

Once you receive possession, you may go in, change the locks, & attempt to re-rent.  Once you get possession, you will have a timeline to add up and itemize all the charges against him and send him an accounting of his deposit (what you kept his deposit for).  You can send him a bill for the other money he will owe then.  Since you have no forwarding address, send it to your rental address.  (Make sure you place a piece of masking tape under the lid of the mailbox that says "vacant".  When it comes back to you, keep it unopened for your records.  Then you will have to locate him to serve him a summons so you can go to small claims court to get your monetary judgement on him.  (Many states require that you actually serve him or you can't get a judgement for money against him.)  Cross this bridge when you come to it.  For now worry about getting possession and re-renting.  You have several years to pursue him for the money.

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Thanks OHlandlord!

I live in Georgia state and this house is in North Fulton county.

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