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I have a tenant who moved in from Texas this year.
Last week I received a notice from her that she said the bedrooms are warmer and the living room is colder. 

So I asked a contractor to inspect the unit. The contractor said that the furnace was OK and the tenant just need to adjust the vents. There are two registers in the bedrooms so that the air flow to the bedrooms is stronger. When the HVAC person offers this, the tenant said that she doesn't want to close the vents in the bedrooms because she will not be able to breathe.

Another thing is that the HVAC guy mentioned that the thermostat is in the bedroom. He suggested to move the thermostat to the center of the unit.

And I asked my contractor that let's say that witht the thermostat in the bedroom, let's say the tenant set the temperature at 73, and the living room is now 69. If you wants the living room temperature higher, she can just set the thermostat at 75, and then the living room would becom 71 for example. Even if I move the thermostat to the living room, it's that it's showing the temperature in the living room. There is still a temperature difference between those two areas.

The tenant now is saying that with the chicago heating ordinance, the lanlord needs to keep the temperature at minimum 68. So far she's still be able to keep the living room temperature at 68 while setting the thermostat at 73 in the bedrooms.
The tenant is using that to ask me to fix the issue.
The problem I'm having is that the furnace is working fine and the ducts are clean.
How should I do ? 

Below is the heating ordinance, 

The Department of Buildings enforces the Chicago Building Code, which includes the Chicago Heat Ordinance. The Heat Ordinance mandates that during cold weather months landlords supply heat to rental units or to any unit where owners do not have individual control of the heat.

From September 15 through June 1, the temperature inside a rental residence is required to be at least 68 degrees from 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM, and at least 66 degrees from 10:30 PM to 8:30 AM.

Landlords face fines of up to $500 per day, per violation, for each day they do not supply adequate heat. The reason for lack of heat does not matter -- landlords must follow the law, and apartments must be heated.

If you are a renter and your landlord is not providing adequate heat or no heat at all, please contact 311 to file a complaint. The Department of Buildings will inspect your unit and we will take action against delinquent owners.


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move the thermostat. I am in Wisconsin. I never heard of the thermostat being in the bedrooms.

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Hello stricher, uneven heat in the unit is a very common issue which many people face. There can be many reasons for temperature variations like restricted air flow, inadequate sized and sealed ductwork, improper size of the HVAC system for the room. You can try simple ways like switch the fan from auto to on, get your ducts checked, control different areas with a zoning system to solve this issue of uneven home heating and cooling, but for commercial uneven heating and cooling consult a HVAC repair new jersey professional and get helpful hints from him.
James K Francis
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