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Wondering if anyone has experience with inadvertently getting an unpermitted unit?

I am in Long Beach, CA.

I bought some property that had an unpermitted unit. The Realtor made light of this saying "Oh this is all over Long Beach" as it not a big deal.  That is how I got kind of suckered into it.

This unit is perfectly safe.  It was cut out of a larger unit which is a home.  So it's not an additional unit.  It's been there for years. It has it's own electric meter.   It fits with the neighborhood in that there are many three unit properties in the it.  There is also onsite parking for this unit so it doesn't add parking.

I'd like to make it legal but I am concerned something will happen.  Is there anyway for me to make sure things would go fine if I outed myself?

Also there are those new laws from Jerry Brown that all accessory units must be accepted. 

Should I just stay in the shadows?  Or take initiative on this?

The thing that bothers me is that I am super anxious over having inspectors over for other parts of the property and they accidentally see this unit.  I'd rather just be legal. But how to minimize any hurt?

Thanks in advance.


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It's worth the cost of an hour of a lawyer's time to get this straight. They should be able to tell you all the requirements and if you already meet them, and the process for legalizing this unit. This does sound like a can of worms about to pop open, but if it doesn't now, it could be even worse later if you already have someone in. And heaven help you if you keep it under the table and have any issue with any tenant ever.
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