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hi everyone.
i'm renting a single room (i'm the tenant),i live with the landlady.
i don't have any contract or agreement, i pay the rent cash every friday.
i'm going in holiday for 3 days next week and, i've just discovered,when i was reading her agenda, that she is renting my room while i will be on's legal?
i mean can she do it?!?!?!?!
it's my room with my private stuff in there. she never gave me keys, claiming that she lost them long time ago so, easy for her.
i'm planning to leave the room really messy,specially the bed, and take some pics and than, check the room when i'll be back from holidays....any suggestion??????


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guess she can do what ever is in the contract

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This seems like a very unique situation where it is best to involve a lawyer, but if you've paid for the room for that time and she's not reimbursing you for those three days, I don't think its legal for her to double dip and rent it while your gone.

I suggest you confront her upfront before you leave and take all your valuables with you or store them at a friends. If she is renting out your room while your gone a few days she sounds like a shady landlord and I would try to find a new place. Get a landlord who will give you a contract in writing.

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That's a  bad landlord I suggest that get your valuable things and maybe after you're vacation find a place for you.
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