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Anyone know if any law requires landlords to change the locks after each tenant, or if it can be done at the discretion of the landlord? Google mostly talks about illegal lockout evictions, which is not at all what I'm trying to figure out.

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Do not think there is a law, just more common sense. If you do not change the locks you cant say for sure that you know everyone that has a key.
A judge will look at this as providing no locks, you only wanted the tenant to assume they were safe.
If you dont there are all kinds of things you could be liable for.
Worse case someone gets killed or raped and you get sued.
Minor, new tenant is missing something. You could be liable since you did not provide a lock with access only by you and the tenant. 

Not worth all the trouble. Not cheap by goggle landlordLocks dot com
Worth it since easy to rekey in a minute.

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It's not a matter of law.  It's a matter of liability.  If you fail to change locks, and the former tenant gave keys to someone else, the property is not secure.  Someone can enter the new tenant's place and steal his possessions, harm the tenant, or worse.  You would be liable since you did not provide a secure rental by changing the locks.  Buy several and rotate them between rental units or rekey through landlord locks or rekeyable locks like Smartkey locks.
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