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Hi, my tenant is in violation of the lease agreement by having a cat in the rental. We are in the process of rerenting the place and have turned down prospective tenants because they have a cat.  

Current tenant is leaving and  we found out they have a cat in the house as a pet. I myself is allergic to cat, but more important is, I have experienced renting to tenants who are allergic to cats anhd they terminated their lease because the previous tenants in the rental had a cat.  In spite of vacuuming with hepa filter and having the carpets professionally clean with specially treated chemicals for pets, we could not prevent the allergy attacks by the tenants due to the cat. I will not be able to rent the place again to tenants who have an allergy to cat.  Additionally, I am afraid that if the new tenants (family of four with two young daughters, 5 and 8) have an allergy to cat, they will terminate their year lease.  What should I do as landlord to cover any future damages resulting from this violation?  Can I charge the tenants for the replacement of the carpets?  Carpets have pet urine stains as evidenced by the UV light that the carpet cleaners used during inspections.  Do you know if cats leave gander in hardwood floors?  How much can I deduct from their security deposit?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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