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My HOA management company notified me that after a hearing in 30 days, they will fine me $50 every time the police visit my rental unit. This is after a string of noise complaints against my tenant. 

Anyone know if that's legally allowed? Seems a bit shy of due process - according to the management company, it will be a $50 flat fine regardless of the outcome. The police could get there and find that the tenants have been on vacation for a week, but it will still be a $50 fine. 

Any suggestions are welcome. 

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Ask an attorney. How do they even know? What if the HOA calls? The HOA could drive by 20 times a day and if they can tell someone is home they call the police and make $50. What if it's not noise? What if it isn't their noise, but the people next to or over them and someone else just thought it was them? How do you know the police were called and by whom? How do you know the police actually went? What if the lady under them is just super insane about any noise and calls any time a mouse farts in their apartment?

Have you addressed the issues with your tenant? If they are legitimately such a problem you need to take steps with them as well. Let them know they will have to pay all of those fees. They can fight the fees in court, they can fight an eviction for noise in court, or they could be adults and be quiet.
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