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I am a new landlord and have dealt with a controlling tenant for 2 years. I am so excited to get rid of him at the end of the month. I could write a book on all of his crazy monthly demands. Below is the latest email:

"I have the option to move out early this month. I could do my walk through and return the keys on Saturday March 19th if you are willing to return my security deposit that day. If this is not something you are willing to do we can do the walk through on March 31st."

Are walk through's required in IL?


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I don't think so, but tell him you will not be returning the deposit that day.  He is trying to hold the keys hostage to get his deposit back immediately.  Schedule the walk through whenever, but say little to the tenant at it.  Do not provide him any paperwork then.  Instead let him know you have several more things to check- including utility bills- before you can complete a statement.  Let him know the deposit & statement will be returned by mail to the forwarding address he provides you within the state's time limit (usually 21 to 45 days after they give you keys).  Make sure you return it within your state's time frame.  Never return the deposit that day or hand it to the tenant.  Inspect several times.  Check all fixtures, doors, windows, plumbing, etc.  Make sure everything works and no damages are hidden.  Make sure any utilities that could be held against the owner are paid by the tenant.  Or pay them out of the deposit so they aren't billed to you.  Then do the statement and mail a check out the them.
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