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Help, I have rented a room out in my private home
The tenant/ lodger rents room on weekly basses
It was only suppose to be temporary. There is a
Week to week rental agreement. Tenant has a pet
And the pet stole food from the kitchen counter
I immediately stopped him, and told the tenant.
Who instead of correcting the dog. He starts yelling
At me about having food on my kitchen counter.
Anyway I have had no issues with the dog until
Now. The dog has had free run of the house
Which hasnt been a problem until now. I feel
he should train the dog that this
Type of behavior is not acceptable.Instead
Now he has a gate at the bedroom door to keep
The dog confined to the room. He now whines
Barks continuely. I can not have a phone
Conversation or anyone visiting because of this.
I told the tenant that it was a major disturbance
And disruption and I could not deal with it.
I feel it is cruel and unfair to the dog. Not
To mention the emotional turmoil for both
The dog and myself.
He told me then if I didn't want to hear it then
Keep the kitchen counter cleared. I was cooking
At the time of this incident and walked away
For a second.
Now the tenant is going to pUT a lock on bedroom
Door and keep the dog locked up all day.
Any advice on what I can do about this so it
Won't escalateven in to major issues.
The tenant has a great control issues and I
Am afraid of retaliation. Please help!


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I'm not even going to read that. Please break it up into normal paragraphs. 

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Evict him plain and simple.

What kind of dog is it that has able to get food off the counter is it a big dog or a little dog that jumped up onto the counter?

Who in the hell does this guy think he is to debate with you and he's obviously not stable if he's telling you not to put food on the counter which is the normal function that you do in the kitchen. Also read your lease as he should not be able to alter your property and install any luck.

Are you in a house or are you in a rental property yourself and renting out a room?
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