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Hello all,

I am a fairly new landlord, located in Southern California. What is customary as far as if landlord or tenant pays for repairing appliances? I realize there are no laws in regards to this but what do most landlords do?


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The norm is that normal wear and tear and paid for by the landlord. So if the heating element in the oven randomly goes bad, the landlord pays to fix it. If there is some sort of liability or negligence that caused damage, then the tenant pays to repair it. For example, we had a tenant drop a can of food on a glass top stove and broke the glass. We charged them to replace the appliance.

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Agree with LLinVA.  However, there is a debate as to whether you can charge full replacement or just depreciated value if the repair requires a full replacement.  Know what the local norm is (what judges allow) and just follow that.
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