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We are renovating our kitchen and I'm torn about what kind of flooring I want in this room. I love the look of hardwood floors but I've never had them in a house before, are they a good choice of flooring (hard to maintain)? Or what flooring do you have in your kitchen that you love?


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For a rental-- not hardwood in kitchen.  It will get destroyed.  For your own home-- yes it can be a good choice.  Have it in mine.  Have to be careful about the amount of water that gets on it.

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Instead of using hard wood you can use marble or tile so that it will be easy to clean the floor and also to maintain it.
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Hardwood flooring is becoming increasingly popular for use in kitchens, as well as throughout the rest of the home. Wood floors offer a timeless, classic look that works well with almost any kind of decor. Though big spills can be a problem, they will not damage most wood floors if they are cleaned up quickly. Hardwood floors can be expected to last for decades with minimal maintenance, and can be refinished as desired to give them a whole new look. Wood floors also offer a variety of flexible installation options.
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Stone and ceramic tile are another popular choice for kitchens. They are also one of the most durable options available for high-traffic applications. They are waterproof and easy to clean, though some dirt can become trapped within grout lines. Tile flooring is also one of the most stain-resistant options and can withstand sharp impacts without damage. Choosing tile floors allows the homeowner to customize the look of their kitchen by selecting from a large variety of colors, sizes and textures.

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Linoleum and vinyl are some of the most common flooring materials used in kitchens. These products are moisture-resistant and easy to maintain. They are durable and can withstand frequent traffic. These materials are dent-resistant and offer a bit of "give" which may help protect dropped plates and cups from breaking. Both vinyl and linoleum are relatively soft and comfortable underfoot, especially when compared to other flooring materials.

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There are various kind of flooring available for kitchen,one can choose according to the interior and pattern of your kitchen cabinetry and color scheme.
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Matt finish tiles are very good for flooring in the kitchen as they are more non slippery as compare to another flooring and kitchen is the place where there is a possibility of slipping factor.It looks attractive is well.
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Renewable bamboo floors come in different patterns and plank sizes to complement a variety of kitchen styles. Bamboo can be stained in a variety of colors; just make sure to use water-base stains and top coats that are labeled as low VOC emission products to ensure the bamboo stays earth-friendly.
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Definitely not hardwood, that will just be way too expensive to keep on cleaning and even repairing. I'd go with tiles, the one that isn't slippery when you get water, oil, or etc on it. I've used it in my own home, it works well when it gets wet plus it's easy to clean up. 
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If it's a rental rehab do something like a Pergo - laminate with the look of wood if you really like wood.  The Pergo is so nice that I would even put it in my own house.  I'm actually considering doing that right now for my living and dining room instead of actual hardwood.

If you are going to do a tile, porcelain is the way to go.  Honestly, you can take a hammer and hit a porcelain tile and it won't break unlike ceramic where you drop a kitchen knife on it and you earned yourself a chip in your floor. 

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Hardwood flooring costs more to purchase and install, but lasts longer and offers greater resale value to a home. Laminate flooring is cheaper, easier to install and does provide considerable durability.
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Hi everyone
I have a hardwood floor with polyurethane protestant. I have the darnedest time trying to get it clean when the kids drop juice or soda on it. I have used hardwood floor cleaner on it and that hasn't worked. Please help?

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I am starting to use the vinyl plank floating flooring, it installs like the wood laminate systems but it is vinyl all the way through, it looks like wood flooring and offers 100% water resistance.  Also if it is damaged somehow, which it should be quite durable, I will keep extra pieces on hand and can simply pull it apart and replace the damaged piece and reinstall.

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I use ceramic tile in all my kitchens. Besides durability, if a tile breaks, I only have to pull one tile and replace it. About a 30 minute job.
With vinyl, I would have to pull the entire sheet including molding around the floor. Also would have to calk and repaint the molding.
I do not use hardwood flooring in any room that has water. So all my bathrooms, laundry rooms entryways and kitchens get the same tile in all units. I get it by the pallet load and keep a box for repairs.  All my tenants like it.

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