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I have a tenant who I just informed I will not be renewing the lease with mostly because it is stressful to deal with her

All in all they're pretty good (her and her adult son) but shes been pushing boundaries one baby step at a time.

-normally rent and utilities are payed on the same day. One day she informs me that she will be paying utilities on a separate date from then on

-she owes about $230 for heating oil which was supposed to be paid by the end lease date. I told her that if it wasn't paid I wouldn't renew the lease. We talked in person and she buried me in guilt with her sob story (also talking about how broke she now is) and she said she couldn't pay it but much more in the tune of "I wont pay it, you're a greedy asshole"

In my experience when you let people take advantage of you they just keep ramping it up.
 I really hate doing business with people who make it difficult and personal. My house is purely a business venture for me and so I only want to deal with tenants who will at least cooperate. I would be so much more inclined to work with her if she actually made a case and presented it intelligently instead of just hammering me with guilt and her sob stories

I'm interested to hear what you all think

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Sounds like you should trust your instincts.  If she's telling you that she's broke now, then it's only a matter of time before the rent is late and then not paid at all.  Just be sure you have legal grounds for non-renewal.  She sounds like the type to go to court.
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