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I toured a unit at a newly built luxury complex that is down the street from a unit that I currently have listed. This is a high end area and I just remodeled, so I have it listed at $3,800 for a 2BD/2BA. The unit that I toured today is flat-out not as nice as mine and the rent is $4,200. I asked the guy how many tours he does a day and he said about five, so I said, "wow, how do you get so many people?" and he said that they have a list that they call from? My unit has been available for three weeks and I'm getting lukewarm responses, meanwhile this complex is doing five or more tours a day and has rented out hundreds of lesser units at higher prices ($4,000-$4,600). What are their resources for leads and how can I tap into it?

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They are probably all over the internet. They are probably on their own site, craigslist,, and 20 others I can't even think of off the top of my head. Together, and the fact that they have had that presence for many years, probably gives them great organic search results and a steady stream of potential tenants. They simply schedule like crazy and see who works out. 

They may also have better pictures and text on all their ads (they can afford to pay professionals to do it for them). 

Without seeing everything for both of your, it is hard to say what exactly they are doing differently so well.

Is $3,800 low for the area (making it look cheap)? Do they have tons of amenities that you don't (pools, fitness center, business center, playgrounds, walking distance to grocery store, etc.)?
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