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I am about to call on a pair of applicants' personal references,  what questions should i be asking them?


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I ask for personal references as a means to later locate midnight movers or as emergency contacts, but not as references.  A personal reference is almost always going to be a friend or family member who will make your applicant appear as a work of art.

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Propman's right on.  That is the purpose of those references.  However, I do call and ask a few questions so it looks like there is a legitimate business reason to ask for this info.  I ask:  Are you related to the applicants?  (Always good to know)      How long have you known them?      How do you know them?  (co-workers, long-time friends, etc.)     Have you been inside their present place?     Do they keep it reasonably clean?  (Of course they say yes)    What else can you tell me about them?    Then I tell the reference that I was just screening the applicants and I thank them for their time and answers.  Some people will tell you all kinds of things on the applicants.  Try to write down any pertinent info, and anything you could use to locate the applicants later.  You know that you will be able to contact their relatives or any long-term friends later if needed.  Co-workers may have no idea where they go if they change jobs.

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problem with that is you have numbers you can call, but how often does anyone who answers give out info on the midnight mover? Maybe if they have a grudge or a big honest streak, but then at least it's a starting point I guess.

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