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Hello everyone. My tenants moved out on the 5th of March, ten days ago but did not refused to turn over the keys. They also moved out without notice. When is it legal to change the locks? I don't want to do anything wrong and get sued. Thank you in advance.

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You'll have to check your state law. Some states have an abandonment law where you can post a notice that you believe it is abandoned, then retake possession after a set number of days if the tenants dont contest it. Also, check with local landlords. Some magistrates honor a "common sense " statute. If their furniture is gone, personal belongings are gone, utilities are off, food isnt oresent (in other words, no way for anyone to be able to live there) you might be able to declare abandonment. Check these out. If neither exists, you may have to post the pay or quit and file eviction.
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