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Wondering when is good to show my rental condo to new prospective tenants?

I'm wondering what the typical protocol is for showing a rental you have - do you wait until your current tenant is moved completely out and then start showing it? Or do you show it while the current tenant is there, and just work around their schedule?

What do most of you do? Thanks in advance

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We wait until they are out, do all work, clean it out well, and when it is completely ready to move in, we start showing it. This is the most passive I would recommend being and it requires that you are comfortable with and capable of the unit sitting empty for a long time while you find the right tenant, otherwise you will rush and allow the wrong person.

If you can't afford to let it sit empty for long, I would start showing it while the old tenant is still there. It may depend on your state, but we would only be required to give 24 hours' notice, we wouldn't actually have to work around their schedule. It should be reasonable, but we wouldn't need permission, we would just give notice.

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I usually try to secure the next tenant before the current one has moved out. 

My leases include a clause allowing for up two open houses.  Then I work with current tenants to schedule revisits or one-offs as needed but always give the tenant at least a day's notice and the right to reschedule.  If it gets excessive I will cluster showings to avoid too many disruptions to my current tenant.  Most prospective tenants can do showings during the day when the current tenant is out so it's usually not too bad.  Some will complain about having to keep the place clean though.

If major repairs or remodeling is needed then I wait until the tenant is out and the unit is ready to show.  There's no point in showing a bad unit.

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It really depends on your current tenant. If it's a good tenant who keeps the unit clean, is moving on their own, and is cooperative - then by all means, show the unit and try to secure a tenant before they vacate. If the current tenant has been asked to leave, is uncooperative, does not maintain the condo properly, or could be vindictive (bad mouthing the unit and you), wait until its empty and ready.
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