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Hi i work as a handy man for a property owner. 
the short version is thus. 
Tenant and owner have had allot of conflict. legal. 
The owner told  me to be the manager and play go between he could not deal with the Attorney Tennant. 
as i have a report with the tenant i did so. 

I do not have a Real Estate  license, do not negotiate contract,leases, do not collect moneys, all the normal things a manager or Agent does.

I do communicate with the tenant on the owners behalf, make repairs and send emails communicating with the tenant. i am considered an independent contractor assistant for the owner.

 I did start signing emails with my name and  title Manager.
 The attorney tenant has another attorney and filed a civil case above 25,000.00 naming me  co defendant  and agent for owner as manager.


 am i bound by the owner and tenant lease that i did not sign. 

 am i legally responsible as the owners agent?
 Because i used the word manager but did not do the things a manager does. 

I do not have a signed contract as manager with owner, have received no monies as a manager.

 i am just the handy man. The owner has retained an attorney that is working on both of our behalfs on this case.  I understand that can be a conflict of interest. 
i am a poor person. The owner is having the attorney keep seperate billing for his and myself. am i responsible for the owners attorneys legal fees representing me in this Case.
 what is legally considered a manager?

thank you so much for any advice and or help. 


Raymond hulin

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Ask the attorney that's representing you and the owner. Also, talk to at least one or two other attorneys that are not associated with any of this already so they are only concerned about you. See what they all say and figure out what makes sense. 

Some of this may depend on state law. If state law says that in order to act as a manager, you have a real estate license, then you would not be considered a manager. If a judge understood the situation, they may find that you are not a manager since you didn't have the authorization to make any management decisions, that you were simply relaying messages. 

What is the tenant suing over?
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