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I still wonder why can't landlords in each state get organized in a few fashions.

Here's my thoughts and tell me what you think (flaws, good, bad, and so on).

If landlords in each state would pay say a small fee of $10.00 per month for a web site specifically for landlords that would contain an open forum where evictions filed could be posted which could contain some details on what/why tenant(s) were evicted. Essentially a site that you could log on, check on a prospective tenant find out if they have been evicted, abandoned the place, what condition left in, and do they owe a landlord.

Another thing is if landlords got together in a state why couldn't they put enough push/pressure on the state legislature(senators and state reps included) to change some of the lousy laws landlords have to put up with? I have personally tried writing emailing, calling, faxing, and even visiting both my senator and state rep. But I had about as much affect as peeing against the wind in a hurricane, but I would think if two three dozen landlords got together kept puting the pressure on them they might feel pressured and do some thing if even just to have the pressure stop. Why hasn't this been done or has it and I'm just missing it??

I guess those are the two points I wanted to ask and yes I know there are landlord groups I had even contacted the Columbus Apartment Assoc. and asked questions of changing Ohio's court collection laws on wage garnishment, they in short said it wasn't going to happen and they weren't going to try and do anything. Granted I'm not a member, but I don't think even if they got their monthly fee from me, they would have done some thing on such to even help...

Here's my point landlords why should we have to pay taxes(ok if we do it up good we pay hardly any taxes at all, but still..) and support lousy laws we are having to follow, while many tenants trash our units, break leases left and right, even go as far as threatening the landlord some times, and with lower income units the worst you can do in most states is put a negative mark on their credit report which means nothing to them..I understand any of us small landlords are working a full time job and doing our landlord duties after and inbetween such, so spending what little time we have trying doing more ins't usually gonna happen. But if landlords can get together, get changes in issues on wage garnishment laws, eviction process changed so we don't have to waste three weeks for a court date(in Ohio anyhow, yes can ask for two week date and some times get it) and wait for red tag to be put on then wait even more for bailif to come out.. It's a waste of time that could be done much faster and economically by geting eviction paying for red tag, walking the red tag out to the door, give them 24 hours and then call police with eviction paper (can even have court stamp on it at court simple enough I would think) and get them off property with proof you got the eviction agaisnt the tenant(s). Stuff that can be so simple and yet we keep leting  the system be made soooooooooo lousy it's like watching a turtle race in slow motion(turtle number one has had a heart attack folks, I think the race is down to..)

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I guess I'm asking to much when I ask a landlord association to stand up and try to change some thing like the wage garnishment law, or eviction process to make it simpler/faster.. And maybe just maybe try and get landlords back some rights to their property.. No, no mus'nt do that, that might mnake sense! I mean if some thing doesn't work well or barely at all and you can show a way to change it for the better while respecting the rights of all involved, why not do it? I can't blame landlord assoc by itself as there are senators, state rep that admit the logic of it (ok the state rep did even listend briefly..enough to what he thought would passify), but won't do didly.

Thoughts / ideas/ suggestions?

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We, as landlords, have been able to affect some change.  I am a member of Ohio REIA, where I attend monthly meetings at our local chapter once per month.  The Ohio REIA has been sending notices to the senate and legislature for the last 2 months about 2 pending bills.  One bill was to limit our responsibility for our tenant's unpaid water bill to 3 month's worth.  The other bill had to do with having to update septic systems.  Now I know the septic bill has little effect on Franklin county since only 9 sytems have been installed in the 1st 6 months in this year there.  But in rural areas where you can't connect to the county system, this bill was going to double the cost of this system.  After all of these letters and e-mails, we were sucessful in delaying implementation of these regulations for at least 2 years.  So we can have an effect if we all start sending letters to them about the same thing. 

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