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 Would you rent to active military
 Yes - no matter what 0 0%
 Yes - if I had no other good options 1 50%
 No way. 1 50%
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Hi there,

I have a few properties and one will be recently having availability.  We're having a showing next week, one of the couples (more pushy couple who doesn't want anyone else getting the house) told me he's active military.  I recently found of that active military means they can leave / break lease at any time and Per federal law, any military member called to active duty cannot be evicted, even if they don't pay the rent. 

So, I'm thinking - WHY ON EARTH WOULD anyone rent to Active Military unless you absolutely have to (ie. find no other tenants) which is not the case in this situation.  Am i missing something?  Thx.

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Active duty military can break a lease if they are called overseas or transferred to another military post more than 50 miles from their location.  Active duty military can be evicted if they fail to pay rent.  It just takes a little longer because there are more steps to go through.

Many people rent to military because they have job security and a stable income, because it usually means they don't have extensive criminal backgrounds, or because they are thankful for their service to this country.

But I am leary of anyone who is too pushy...

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This is out of my mind
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