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I had rented out a house that I owned to live with a girlfriend.  Well that did not workout so now I'm trying to find a way to get my house back.  The lease is up in Feb 2015 but I would like to get back into the house by 12/31/2014 so to avoid the huge increase in property taxes for it not being my primary residence.

Any advice on wording/how to raise this or ask the tenants to leave?  They have been great I don't really have a grounds to evict them.  Just want my house back without having to pay the outrageous taxes.

Thank you.


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I know that when a lease is over, you can put the reason as "owner plans to live in the property", so I know there's legal precedence. I just don't know if you can break a current lease for that reason. Speak to a lawyer in your area.

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That is essentially the same as a tenant coming here to ask "I signed a lease but I changed my mind and I want to move. My landlord is great and doing everything correctly, how can I end my lease?"

The answer is you can't, and you should have thought about that before you signed the lease. This is exactly why people sign and follow leases in the first place, so their landlord can't throw them out unexpectedly.

The only exception is if both parties mutually agree. Neither side can be compelled to.
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