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The applicants gave me the name and number of their current and former landlords, but 1 is on vacation & the other doesn't want to answer questions over the phone, she wants me to fax her a form to fill out.

Any idea where I can find something like this? We are also moving, and planning a reunion, and are waaay to busy to be creating something that could have been handled in a 10 minute phone call. UGH!

I do have the Simply Essential Landlord book & CD, but didn't see anything like this in there.

I'm in Arizona, BTW.


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Ask questions that they can simply circle an answer and return it, and you'll have a much better chance of them actually doing it.  Cut and paste this into your form with your name and fax number.

This inquiry is in regards to (applicant name)________________________, whose DOB is _____________________ and who applied for a rental property.
Please circle or fill in the correct answer and fax this form back to (fax number)_______________.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Is this a current tenant at ______________(his address)?  Yes  /  No
Is his rent amount $______?  Yes  /  No
Is he current on rent?  Yes  /  No
Does he pay on time?  Yes  /  No
How long has he lived there?    ______________________
Has he been asked to leave?  Yes  /  No
Did he give proper notice?  Yes  /  No
Have you had complaints from other tenants or neighbors about him?  Yes  /  No
     If yes, please explain: ____________________________________________
Has he violated his lease?  Yes  /  No

How many people live at his unit?  1  2  3  4  5  6  7 
Does he have pets?  List number and type_______________________________

Again, thank you for your time.


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Thanks, that's pretty much what I ended up doing. Funny.
My letter said:

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about the applicant(s):________________________.

Location of home: ______________________
Dates of Lease: _________________________
Lease Amount: _$________/mon_

Did they:

Y N Have pets? How many? ____
Y N Smoke in the home?
Y N Cause willful damage?
Y N Pay the rent late?
Y N Cause HOA fines or warnings?
Y N Violate their lease?
Y N Generate police calls?
Y N Fail to give proper notice?

If YES to any of the above, please explain:

As a landlord, what should I know that might not have been disclosed by the applicants?

Would you rent to them again? Why or why not?


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In future, make sure to note the DOB of the tenant.  In large complexes, some tenants will have similar names.  You want to be sure they answer the questions about the correct tenant.  For instance, one year I had 3 tenants named "M. Miller".  If the last name is common, they could even mix up a current tenant with a previous one who had the exact same name (a current Mike Miller and a previous tenant).  Giving them the DOB lets them differentiate between the two.  It also lets them differentiate between tenants named Andrew Martin and Martin Andrew.

I also like to ask the current LL how many people and pets live there.  More than once I have had a tenant claim to have only one dog when he had several, or claim to have 3 in the family when the LL has said there were 6.  I want to know these things before he moves in my place.  Great work.  Sorry I didn't get this typed in before you had to do it yourself.

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Have you ever had people fill out "everything"?

I am lucky to have them verify anything at all, most don't want to say anything except they lived there and the dates.

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I've only used it this one time but she did fill out everything. I don't think it took her long, bc she only had a "Y" answer on 1 thing and she just noted that they had 1 bounced check in last 2 yrs and they paid the NSF fees. The rest was either circling the answer or a quick "Nothing" or "N/A" kind of thing.

Thanks for the feedback! I will update it with the DOB. Good idea.


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I usually get other people to fill them out.  If they only have to circle an answer, it makes it much more likely they will.  If you don't get it back in a day or two, cal them,  Verify receipt of it, then gently pry for info and answers.
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